Íslensk fjallagrös hf. has been manufacturing goods containing Iceland moss for a number of years. The goal is to manufacture health products based on ancient beliefs about the health benefits and healing power of the herb, as well as modern scientific research.

The company reaches out to farmers and landowners for the purchase of mosses and other natural goods. In order to protect resources and avoid overexploitation, the company stresses that the following issues be kept in mind when collecting:

  • The same area should not be harvested year after year.
  • Approximately 30–50% of the plant should be left untouched. Research indicates that if approximately 50% of the lichen is left, the renewal period may be as low as 3–5 years.
  • Unnecessary trampling during collection should be avoided, as dry Iceland moss is very fragile and easily breakable.

Íslensk fjallagrös hf. has begun the manufacture of other goods from Icelandic nature under the trademark Natura Islandica, the name of which refers to the unspoiled natural environment of Iceland.

In some cases, Icelandic herbs are mixed with foreign herbs with known efficacy in order to achieve the best results.