About us

Iceherbs hf. – Innovation steeped in tradition


Iceherbs hf., and its subsidiary Natturusmidjan ehf., has three full-time staff members. The company, moreover, collaborates with many others, such as those who harvest raw materials for us and manufacturers who process the materials.

The company’s Managing Director is Gunnar Berg Viktorsson.

Katrin Amni Fridriksdottir is the manager of Natturusmidjan and responsible for  sales and marketing for Iceherbs.

Hera Garðarsdóttir takes care of the company’s accounts and finances.


The Board of Directors is composed of:

Jakob K. Kristjánsson, Chairman of the Board

Baldur Guðlaugsson

Hanna Lóa Skúladóttir


Our story

Iceherbs (Íslensk fjallagrös) was founded in 1993 by a number of private and public companies together with several municipalities.

In 1997, Fiskafurðir–Lýsisfélag hf. purchased new shares in the company and acquired a shareholding of approximately 15%. Fiskafurðir–Lýsisfélag hf. temporarily took over the company‘s operations through an agreement with the other shareholders. This agreement remained in effect to the year 2000 when Líf hf. purchased all the shares in the company and ran it as an independent unit under the subsidiary Heilsuverslun Íslands ehf. Prokaria ehf. purchased a 50% shareholding in the company in 2001, and the company was run jointly until 2006 when Prokaria ehf. (now Arkea ehf.) purchased the remaining shares. The main owners at present are Mr. Baldur Guðlaugsson, with a shareholding of 34%, and Gunnar Berg Viktorsson, the company’s Managing Director, with a shareholding of 33%.

The idea behind creating Iceherbs hf. was to utilise the untapped potential of Iceland moss, which had hitherto only been exported unprocessed.  The company has remained true to these roots while expanding its range to include products sourced from other natural Icelandic resources. The history of Iceherbs bears witness to the great deal of ingenuity, hard work and expense put into the company, but our main strength still lies in our use of high-quality raw material sourced from the unpolluted environment of Icelandic nature.

Our goal remains, as ever, to utilise Icelandic natural resources in innovative ways while remaining true to the country’s history and traditions. The health goods and supplements from Iceherbs are based on old beliefs, supported by scientific research, of the effectiveness of mountain lichens and other natural Icelandic remedies. The company’s health goods have proved particularly attractive to the growing number of people who prefer to use preventative measures to maintain their health.